About Us

IME Advisors is a migration and education provider where we help aspiring individuals and businesses to pursue their opportunities across Australia and Canada. We understand the process of migrating to international countries and leaving the comfort of your space can be demanding, therefore we at IME Advisors indent to provide you the most transparent and streamlined process to accommodate your needs. Our solutions are catered to a diverse clientele including but not limited to General Skilled Migration, Student Visa, Admissions, Temporary Graduate Visa, Partner Visa, Parent Visa, Employer sponsored Visa etc. We are located in Sydney and Canberra, our team of industry experienced experts will work with you from kickoff until end which means our consultants will assess your current situation, provide you a detailed consultation along with all the possible choices, be engaged with your application progress at every stage thus conveying timely updates and present your desired outcome. 

Our Vision

To be the world’s leading migration and educational consultants by assisting our customers in overcoming any hindrance in their new journey. Together we will deliver brighter solutions to your future and implement a seamless experience by working collaboratively to deliver the real values.

Our Mission

We aim to provide a complete comprehensive assistance, by analyzing individual’s needs and wants. Each of our staff is trained to provide unbiased expert advice in alignment with the latest government policies and procedures. 

Our Values

Our values are to safeguard customers receive the quality-oriented advice and our tailored consultation is what makes us unique. We are characterised by our commitment to deliver the professional, genuine and most ethical services. We aim to provide only systematic and transparent information to help our clients make a better decision.

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