Australia to Open borders on Dec 15, New Visa Arrangements in Place

Australia to Open borders on Dec 15, New Visa Arrangements in Place

  • Totally vaccinated visa holders will be allowable to travel to Australia though not applying for a travel exemption. It includes Australian visa holders who want to return and depart. Eligible visa holders ought to hold one amongst the Australian visas meant for students, skilled professionals, visitors, migrants, and parents.

What are the latest arrangements for Australian visa holders?

  • Owing to the Omicron variant threat, the Australian administration has proclaimed travel restrictions for those international travellers getting back from South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Mozambique for 14 days. Any traveller who has been in these countries won’t be allowed to enter the nation. For more details contact IME Advisors the best immigration agents in Canberra.
  • Australian permanent residents, natives, or family members entering the island nation who have been in any of these countries and have landed in Australia in the last 14 days must enter quarantine for 14 days in line with the territory and state requirements. It is regardless of the vaccination status. It applies even if you hold a travel exemption, eligible visa, or plan to enter beneath the safe travel zone arrangement.

What does it mean for Australian Permanent Resident, visa holders & citizens?

  • The changes done by the administration permits entirely vaccinated Australian citizens, permanent residents, and qualified visa holders to travel to and from Australia from December 15 without applying for a travel exemption. Contact us the best immigration agents in Canberra.
  • If you are entirely vaccinated, you can travel to the island nation without seeking a travel exemption and exempt from Australian travel restrictions or travel to Australia under a safe travel zone arrangement. Ask the best immigration agents in Canberra.

For children

  • There is no vaccination for travellers with acceptable proof for medical causes. Children under 12 years can access the same travel arrangement as fully vaccinated travellers. 
  • Arrangements also allow partially / unvaccinated vaccinated children aged 12-17 years to travel with a fully vaccinated adult.
  • If the child is traveling with an unvaccinated adult, the entire family is subjected to manage quarantine and passenger caps. Children aged under 12 years can be counted up as fully vaccinated for travel purposes. Moreover, their passports can be used as proof of age. For more details contact IME Advisors the best immigration agents in Canberra.
  • Vaccination evidence when traveling to Australia or leaving the country entirely vaccinated individuals in Australia will have to show the International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate (ICVC) to airline staff.
  • If individuals are vaccinated overseas and do not have ICVC, they will have to present a foreign vaccination certificate, thus, meeting requirements outlined on the Australian Passport Office website. You want to get a vaccination certificate that does not mean you are entirely vaccinated. For example, your vaccination certificate shows you are administered one dose of a two-dosage vaccine.

Key pointers

  • The traveller has to meet the terms with other requirements for coming to the island nation. You are requisite to contact AIR (Australian Immunisation Register) if you were vaccinated in Australia but cannot get ICVC owing to name details on the vaccination certificate if the details are not matching your passport. If individuals are not vaccinated for medical reasons
  • Travellers who are not vaccinated for health reasons have to provide medical exemption proof. It is important to check requirements, especially quarantine requirements in the state or territory to which you can be traveling. Medical exemption proofs.

When departing from Australia

  • Australian citizen or permanent resident departing from island nation will have to show proof that you have a medical contraindication reported to AIR for COVID-19 vaccines available in Australia. As for actual proof, you have to provide the country’s COVID-19 digital certificate. Besides, you can deliver an immunization history statement.

When coming to Australia

  • Deliver an Australian Covid-19 digital certificate in case you are coming to Australia and have a medical contraindication recorded in AIR (Australian Immunisation Register). Besides, you should offer a history statement of immunization. Travellers devoid of a medical contraindication but recorded in AIR have to provide a medical certificate.

Quarantine and local requirements

  • It is essential to comply with requirements in the territory or state of your arrival. It includes quarantine and post-arrival testing requirements. Though, restrictions are set to change at short notice.
  • Besides, you are qualified for reduced quarantine requirements especially when returning to Australia. A lot depends on the state or territory to which an individual is traveling. Catch for all updates with IME Advisors the best immigration agents in Canberra and feel free to interact with our Australian migration consultants for any queries.

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