Canberra Matrix - Invitation Round

Canberra Matrix - Invitation Round

Matrix nominating Small Business Owners in Canberra matrix, Australia:
190 nominations: 0 invitations
190 minimum Matrix score:
491 nominations: 0 invitations
491 minimum Matrix score:

Matrix nominating 457 / 482 visa holders in Canberra matrix, Australia:
190 nomination: 3 invitations
491 nomination: 0 invitations

Canberra Matrix nominating Critical Skill Occupations:
190 nomination: 11 invitations
190 minimum Matrix score: 100 (accountants 115)
491 nomination: 75 invitations
491 minimum Matrix score: 65 (accountants: 95)
The least ranking score is an indication only and not a guarantee that an invitation was issued. The ranking may depend on the date and time of matrix submission. Invitations will not be allotted if you have an active application in the system, or have previously received an ACT nomination.

There are two phases to apply for ACT nomination:
1. Complete a Canberra matrix to formally express an interest in smearing for ACT nomination (you can choose either ACT 491 or 190 nominations). If you are one of the topmost candidates with the highest scores, you will be selected and asked to apply for the ACT nomination. Your Canberra matrix score will not essentially be ranked as the demand for ACT nomination greatly exceeds the number of nomination places available each year.

2. Afterwards getting the invitation to apply for the ACT nomination. The mandatory documents you attach must prove your eligibility and Canberra matrix points claimed at the date of Matrix submission.

2021-2022 Allocation of ACT Nomination Places:
Skilled Work Regional Visa: 1400 places
Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) visa: 600 places

Application Count till 1 October 2021:
ACT 491 nominations: 348 approvals / 91 refusals
ACT 190 nominations: 153 approvals / 35 refusals

Remaining Allocation 2021-2022 in Canberra Matrix:
ACT 491 nomination: 1052 places
ACT 190 nomination: 447 places
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