Subclass 491 Is Invited to Appear in Federal Circuit Court | Section 48 Bar

Subclass 491 Is Invited to Appear in Federal Circuit Court | Section 48 Bar

If you are seeking the finest visa experts in Australia, India, there are just a few names that should be at the top of the list. IME  Advisors is undoubtedly one of these brands, and they are the best visa agents in Australia. Know about Subclass 491 Is Invited to Appear in Federal Circuit Court | Section 48 Bar by IME Advisors. 

Australia is one of the most developed and beautiful countries in the world, making it a desirable place to work and live. Because of the country's economic stability, there are numerous job opportunities in Australia. One of our clients, wanted to work in Australia to broaden her skills and experience. He was unsure of how she would apply for Australian permanent residency. She also intended to apply for General Skilled Migration. She was looking for the best consultant for her visa application. She found us online and contacted us through our website one day. Our Australia expert counsellor walked her through the process for subclass 491.

Leading educational and immigration consultancy Think Higher Consultants has been in business in Australia for ten years. We have a team of senior, experienced, and knowledgeable counsellors and relocating agents on our side.

Interestingly, she applied for a student visa through another consultant, but her visa was denied. Her case was then reviewed by AAT (Administrative Appeals Tribunal) aka MRD (Migration Review Division), but it was unsuccessful. She then petitioned the federal circuit court for further review. She was tense and perplexed because the application was so complicated. She contacted one of our Australia-based expert counsellors, who assessed her. A Registered Migration Agent showed her the straight path to General Skilled Migration.

She worked as a Human Resource Advisor ANZSCO 223111 and a Recruitment Consultant ANZSCO 223112. Think Higher Consultant received a positive VETASSES result while also enrolling in a Tasmanian Diploma of Logistics programme. She took advice and completed a one-year study in TAS.

We submitted her TAS SMP 491 ROI application in August 2023, and she received an invitation for Tasmania subclass 491 visa one month later, on September 25, 2023. The invitation was based solely on 65 EOI points and Competent English. Because she was on the Federal Circuit, the agent used their BVB to meet her schedule 3 and section 48 barred. She flew overseas and applied for a 491 visa. She is now on the verge of obtaining permanent residency in Australia.

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