Time to begin the Australia PR process

Time to begin the Australia PR process

  • The Australian 189 visa takes 8 to 9 months to process
  • Processing time for Australia's 190 PR visa: 6.5 – 8 months
  • 489/491 Australia Visa Twelve to fourteen months are needed for processing.
  • Processing time for subclass 190 visas is quicker than for subclass 189 visas.

The monthly updates to the worldwide visa processing time provide you with the necessary amount of time to complete your application. There are very few visa subclasses for which processing periods cannot be predicted, such as those that are continuously restricted to new applicants and subjected to capping and queueing, or in the event of a low amount of applications. The processing timeframes listed for the various visa subclasses clearly show how long it takes to complete between 75 and 90 percent of the applications that are received from all over the world.
Monthly variations in peak seasons, application volume, complex cases, and incomplete applications each have an impact on processing timelines. Applications filed on paper and through an online portal are all processed at the same time. You should complete your application online whenever possible because it simplifies the processing procedures.

Factors affecting processing times

Since each application is considered individually, the actual processing time may vary depending on many factors, including:

  • whether your application is complete and includes the necessary supporting documentation
  • the speed with which you respond to inquiries for any more information;
  • how long it'll take to process the relevant information provided
  • How long does it take for additional information to be received from related external agencies,
  • in particular concerning your character, health, and security needs
  • How many spots are allocated under migration programs for applications submitted for permanent migration visas? 

Processing time for subclass 189 visas issued by Australia

The Substring 189 Visa processing time is between 8 and 9 months.
Direct residency authorizations for the Extremely Independent (Subclass 189) Once a candidate has submitted a complete application, it may take up to 8 months for one of the most popular points-tested visas, Visa, to be approved.
A special agent from the Australian Immigration Service will likely get in touch with you during this time and ask you several questions. Since they could need further paperwork to confirm your academic background or prior or present employment, this could occur at around 5.5 months. After the case worker contacts you, your application will be postponed until you present all required papers. Once the related documentation is supplied, your application is considered to have been submitted afresh, thus it could take an additional 45 to 60 days until you are granted a Subclass 189 visa.

Processing time for subclass 190 visas issued by Australia

6.5 to 8 months are typically required for the processing of Skilled Nomination Visas (Subclass 190).

During the first 3 months of paying the cost for your Skill Dependent Subclass 190 Visa, the Case Officer may contact you to require proof of the documentation that has already been filed. You can anticipate this request at any time during this time.

However, if your application is submitted within the 6.5-month window and all of your supporting material is accurate and full, you can be given a Subclass 190 visa right away.

If a Case Officer contacts you, the application won't be processed until you have taken the required actions. Once the necessary documents have been uploaded, your application is considered to have been submitted again. In that case, it will take 45 to 60 days to receive a Subclass 190 visa award.

Australia Invitation Time for Full Citizen (PR) Visa

When you receive a petition request for an Australian Permanent Resident (PR) visa depends directly on your ANZSCO stated job and the total amount of points you have earned under the points-based Australian visa system for the Professionals Visa Class.

Candidates who can earn 65 points or more have a good probability of being invited to apply (ITA). Therefore, those with more than 70 points in this case have a good possibility of receiving an invitation, but the odds change every month or with each new draw that occurs on the eleventh day.

The lowest to maximum waiting period for an invitation to apply (ITA) is one month, but it may take longer for some professions. Please keep in mind that the Australian PR process starts once the Home Affairs Department (DHA) has invited you to submit a SkillSelect Interest Expression (EOI) and you've paid the necessary processing fees.

For instance, it is recommended to wait more than eight months until you get a permanent residency request from the Australian Government under Contribution of this study 189 Visa if you are a Programmer (Invasion Code: 261313). Once you accept the invitation, the Australian government will not issue you a permanent visa for another 8 to 9 months.

Date of the Grant of Permanent Residence (PR)

The Award Letter will include the time that the Australian Immigration Service or the Ministry of Home Affairs will grant you the PR.

First Entrance Date, also known as the initial date of entry (IED)

Your PR Grant, it will also state the deadline by which you must visit Australia at least once to register your permanent residency. Initial Entry Day (IED) is the name given to this date, which may be extended upon request if you can show that you are reaching Australia on the designated IED due to an unforeseen circumstance.

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