Top Future Job Growth and the Most In-Demand Occupations in Canberra

Top Future Job Growth and the Most In-Demand Occupations in Canberra

The COVID-19 pandemic has been relatively well controlled in Australia over the past year and a half. However, it creates jobs in the country. The unemployment rate is currently around 5.1%. The situation in the country is improving, and every day there are many new vacancies.

For jobseekers, this list of the 20 most in-demand jobs in Canberra, Australia for 2022 will be very helpful. We’ve also included an analysis of the skills that jobseekers need most to understand what they need to do to improve their competitiveness.

What are the most in-demand professions in Australia?

Here is the list of 10 great options for jobseekers:

Civil Engineer – As challenges and infrastructure requirements grow, so does the demand for talented and experienced Civil Engineers. If you have an engineering degree and are looking for a new job in Australia, you have excellent prospects. There are also many junior civil engineering jobs available for young graduates.

Human Resource Manager - HR mangers play a key role in the hiring, recruiting and onboarding process. They also strive to continue self-education and support their employees in the workplace. The outlook for this profession is very bright as there is a growing demand for skilled and experienced HR managers across various Australian companies.

Teaching - Australia currently has a strong need for Teachers, particularly secondary school teachers. If you have a college education and experience, you probably won’t have any trouble finding a job here. Teachers who are familiar with a specific subject such as mathematics or language are currently in particularly high demand. Having these types of skills on your resume gives you an edge over other candidates applying for the same jobs.

Accounting and Finance - There are many opportunities for jobs in Accounting and Finance in Australia. If you have an Accounting degree and experience in accounting and payroll, you likely qualify for many of these positions. There are also many jobs for analysts and consultants that can provide valuable financial insight to various companies and individuals.

Customer service - Good customer service skills are always in high demand, but they are especially valuable now. From retail businesses to IT companies, all types of businesses are searching for people who are patient and good at communicating with others.

Electrical engineer - Electrical Engineer skills are in high demand across Australia currently and many companies are looking for talented electrical engineers. If you have an electrical engineering background, it’s time to brush up on your skills and technical knowledge, so you can increase your chances of qualifying for these jobs.

Project manager - All types of businesses across Australia can benefit from having a talented Project Manager on their team. From IT and web development agencies to marketing firms, project managers play a crucial role in keeping everyone motivated, productive, and on track to achieve their goals. The prospects for this job are superb, especially as the job market continues to recover.

Nursing - Nursing skills are among the most in-demand in Australia, especially now as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on. For those with prior nursing experience, as well as those preparing to complete nursing programs, career prospects are excellent and employment opportunities abound.

Software developer - There are countless vacancies for qualified software developers across Australia. If you have a solid software development experience, position are available for all types of businesses, from manufacturing companies to healthcare providers.

Physiotherapist - Physiotherapist jobs are among the most sought after jobs in Australia. Many people struggle with injuries or age-related pain and can benefit from a qualified physical therapist. Demand for physical therapists is likely to continue to rise as the country’s elderly population also grows.

If you need further advice streamlining your job search and finding in-demand jobs in Australia, IME Advisor is here for you.

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