Has Your Australian Visa Application Been Refused?

Your Visa has been rejected – now what? In this blog, we’ll cover everything you need to know after receiving the big NO.


Why Was My Australian Visa Denied? 

A visa application may be rejected due to the following reasons:

  • Invalid Passport: Your passport must have been issued in the past 10 years and is required to be valid for at least six months AFTER you return from Australia. In some cases, IF your passport doesn’t meet these requirements, the Immigration Office won’t issue your visa.
  • Failure to Answer Additional Requests: After you submit a visa application, the Immigration Office may ask you to provide additional documents and/or information. If you fail to answer these requests, you won’t receive a visa.
  • Missing Information & Documents: If your application is missing information and/or documents, your visa will be denied.
  • False Information & Documents: If your application contains false information and/or documents, your visa request may be denied.
  • Lack of Health Insurance: In cases where health insurance is mandatory for specific visas, applicants must provide evidence that they have purchased the required insurance. Lack of health insurance will result in visa refusal.


How Do I Appeal a Visa Refusal in Australia?

If your application has been denied, you have the right to apply for an appeal. Here are the steps for a refusal appeal:

1. Apply at the Administrative Appeals Tribunals (AAT)

If your visa request is denied, you can apply for an appeal at the AAT – either online at the official AAT website or send an application. In some cases where you have a sponsor, or nominator, they can also apply on your behalf.

NOTE – the time for an appeal is VERY limited, as you are required to send the appeal request within 28 days after your decision notice. If you miss the deadline, neither the Immigration Office nor AAT has the authority to extend the time limit. Further, your ability to apply for an appeal will also vary on the grounds of why your visa was rejected, and the type of visa you applied for.

2. Pay the Appeal Fee

In order to review the request further, you are required to pay an additional fee, which is around AUD1,826. You’ll be required to pay this fee before the deadline. This payment can be made through credit cards, cheques, and EFTPOS.

If your appeal is negative, the AAT will issue a full refund, however, if your application is successful, you will receive a refund of 50%.


How Do I Know the AAT Received My Appeal Request?

After you lodge your appeal, the AAT will send you a letter confirming they have received your application.


What if I Don’t Agree with the AAT Decision?

If you don’t agree with the decision made, you can apply for a judicial review. This means that that the visa decision will be reviewed in a legal court, and you may be required to hire a legal attorney to represent your case.

We understand how daunting and time consuming this process can be, but that’s where we come in – IME Advisors skilled migrant agents are always around to give you a helping hand. Take the first step and let us do the hard work!


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