Business visa -  Migration Agent in Sydney

The purpose of the Business Innovation and Investment Program is to contribute to the growth of the Australian economy by generating employment, export of Australian goods and services, increasing the production of goods and services in Australia, introducing new or improved technology, increasing competition and commercial activity, developing links with international markets. There are number of visas included in this category like skilled visas, applicants have to lodge EOI and must be sponsored by State/Territory government or Austrade. 

Visas in this category are as below:

  • 132 Business Talent visa
  • 188 visa Business Innovation Stream (Applicant need 65 points & $800000 assets)
  • 188 visa Entrepreneur Stream (Applicant need $200000 funding from an entity to advance an innovative idea leading to Commercialization of a product or service in Australia, or Development of business or activities in Australia)
  • 188 visa Investor Stream (Applicant need 65 points & $1500000 of investment)
  • 188 visa Significant Investor Stream (Applicant need $5000000 of investment)
  • 188 visa Premium Investor (Applicant need $15 million of investment)

Note: All are temporary visas except subclass 132 which is a permanent visa, but all lead to permanent residency if applicant fulfills the requirement for grant of permanent residency visa.