Get permanent residency as a carpenter in Canberra, Australia

Get permanent residency as a carpenter in Canberra, Australia

There is a wide scope of opportunities in Australia; there is an advantage in any field you choose in Australia to explore with your career. Also the new 2022-23 general skilled migration program has made it easier for both onshore and offshore skilled candidates to migrate to Australia, become a permanent resident of Australia and work for their relevant field.

Australia ranks 5th among the OCED countries for population growth, with the growing state of Australia there increases the need of new houses and thus giving the boom to construction industry, Thus this increases the demand of Carpenters, the department of home affairs updates the general occupation list when the demand of certain occupation increases. A carpenter’s average income in Australia is around 30AUD to 60AUD per hour.

The following are the steps to get permanent residency as a Carpenter in Canberra, Australia:


  • Get a certificate III in carpentry.
  • This course must be CRICOS registered for at least 92 weeks.
  • You should have at least 360 hours of work placement in this field (carpenter).


After fulfilling the above step-

  • Now you can apply to get an 18months work visa for graduated skilled visa 485.
  • Work for at least 1760 hours in Australia as a carpenter.


  • Having your skills assessed is a requirement for getting a permanent visa for Australia. It basically means to check whether you are truly interested in the work you are doing, if you are doing it genuinely and fulfilling all your duties at your workplace. Therefore, a provisional skill assessment from TRA is required for this program.
  • You also need to submit the certificate of a recognised English test such as IELTS, Cambridge, OET, PTE, or TOEFL.


  • For migration purposes, after you complete your studies as a carpenter, you need to have a paid job for at least 1 year in your relevant occupation which in this case is Carpenter.
  • A job ready program can help you with this; you need to sign up for a one year job ready program, then you need to insert your job hours and job assessment there and you are done with the skill assessment and job ready to get permanent residency in Australia as a carpenter.






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