Relocation of department of home affairs, Sydney offices

Relocation of department of home affairs, Sydney offices

The department of home affairs was established on 20th December 2017, it was built on the former department of immigration and border protection to bring upon policy responsibilities and agencies from the following departments:

  • Attorney general’s department
  • Department of infrastructure and regional department
  • Department of Prime Minister and cabinet
  • And department of social services

The department of home affairs is viewed as Australian edition of United Kingdom’s home office or United States department of homeland security. Here’s a recent update about the relocation of department of home affairs, Sydney offices.

The department of Home affairs Sydney will be closing in a the coming days due to the expiring of the existing lease of the current office, The NSW department of home affairs will be closing on 15th June 2022 and the staff will be relocating the work in the new office location at 101 George St. Parramatta. The relocations will start occurring from 11th June 2022, and with this the current department located at 26 Lee streets Haymarket will close. The client service operations at Lee Street will close on 15th June 2022, and the services will reopen from 22nd June 2022 on 101 George St., Parramatta. The services will be provided to clients on via Appointment only.

The other offices which are at 300 Elizabeth St, Sydney, and 9-11 Wentworth St, Parramatta will be closed during the month of July 2022. And this time all the client service operations will move to 101, George St, Parramatta.

Also it is important to note that the department of home affair’s mailing address will remain the same as GPO box 9984 Sydney NSW 2001.




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