Indian Students Given Exemption to work in Australia:

Great news for Indian students! Graduates from specific degrees can now stay in Australia to work for up to four years. The Australian government recently briefed over 400 education agents in Delhi about this exciting opportunity.

This change is a result of the existing free trade agreement between India and Australia, which prioritizes the interests of Indian students. Despite recent migration reforms, including stricter English language requirements and increased scrutiny of visa applications, Indian students graduating from masters' courses will now be permitted an extra year to stay and work, totalling up to three years.

In September alone, more than 153,000 Indian students enrolled in Australian courses, with approximately 46,600 studying masters’ courses. This new policy will benefit a significant portion of these students, providing them with valuable work experience in Australia. While there was a previous decision to reduce the post-study work visa period for graduates in certain courses, this has been reversed for master's and PhD students from India. This decision aligns with the free trade agreement signed last year and underscores Australia's commitment to its international students, especially those from India.

The Australian government's focus is on facilitating the entry of genuine students into the country, ensuring that graduates have opportunities to utilize their skills effectively. This positive development reaffirms the strong educational and cultural ties between India and Australia.

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